The Journey to Oracle Cloud - an introduction

The Journey to Oracle Cloud
Join us for a groundbreaking video blog series, as we follow Rafael Gonzalez and his team in a real-life cloud migration project for one of our customers. Hopefully, The Journey to Oracle Cloud will lead to a successful project. No matter what, we will document the whole journey from beginning to end. And we hope that you will follow us along the way.

During The Journey to Oracle Cloud, Rafael will be guiding us through a real-life customer study, where we're currently in the process of starting up this exciting project.

We will follow Rafael Gonzalez and his team throughout The Journey to Oracle Cloud with one of our customers. We hope that every large enterprise considering Oracle Cloud can learn something from this journey. 

In a series of episodes in the following months, Rafael will share insights about the project, and let you learn about all the different considerations he and his team are making together with the customer.

Throughout the series, Rafael will meet several technicians, cloud architects and specialists, who are all sharing their experiences, knowledge and expectations around Oracle Cloud.

By sharing insights and practical tips along the way, we hope that you will find the journey both educational and entertaining.

Introduction video (1 min.)


Overcome your IT challenges with Oracle Cloud

On the journey, the goal is to explore and share every conceivable challenge, complication and opportunity by choosing Oracle Cloud, for instance:

  • How do I get started with the cloud, and is it even possible for my company?
  • Is it safe to move my data to the cloud? What about governance, such as GDPR regulations?
  • What does it cost to transfer my solutions to the cloud? Does it give me a cost benefit?
  • Will Oracle Cloud give me new possibilities, is it more flexible and can you scale it up and down yourself?
  • How do I know which cloud provider to choose? Why should I choose Oracle Cloud over other cloud providers?
  • Can I use the same licenses that I already have? And how do I maintain it?
  • And how do I ensure a successful migration project?

Why are we following Rafael? If we were to recommend a pedagogical technology nerd to anyone, it would be Rafael. Our Oracle superhero also holds more than 25 years of experience as a business leader and project manager within IT, and he has followed the technological advancements in the IT-sector since the pre-internet era with great fascination.

Why learn from us? SYSCO has extensive practical experience in migrating workloads and preparing organisations to the cloud. 

Follow the journey

Take advantage of our know-how and make sure you follow The Journey to Oracle Cloud, which over the coming months will provide a transparent picture of how we as a partner help you achieve the full potential and address all the topics that you need to be aware of.


Planned episodes

We will follow Rafael and his project team through these 8 episodes and wrap up with a webinar in the end:

  1. Meet the architect
  2. Introduction to the high level approach
  3. The importance of the network
  4. Why pay more when you can pay less with Oracle Cloud?
  5. Security and why it's important
  6. The flexibility with Oracle Cloud
  7. The importance of having right license
  8. Meet the Customer
  9. Wrap-up webinar

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Episode 1: "Meet the architect"

  • Estimated launch of episode: Week 50

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