The Journey to Oracle Cloud: Episode 03 - Networking in the Cloud

We have reached our third stop on the The Journey to Oracle Cloud. In today's episode, Rafael meet with Daniel Villefrance Pedersen to talk about Networking in the Cloud, a topic that is often overlooked or forgotten. 

Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a senior Cloud Architect consultant with strong knowledge within Cloud computing, database and system administration. Daniel's experience with Oracle Cloud makes him the perfect go-to person to discuss this topic, which is so extremely important, but unfortunately often overlooked.

Networking in the Cloud and what it is 

Networking in the cloud is pretty much the same as on-prem but everything is virtual. Building your virtual cloud network is one of the first steps in the cloud journey. 

But before you start, have a look at Daniel's top three things to keep in mind: 

  1. Understand the requirements of the project - the requirements varies from customer to customer
  2. Understand the customer and their needs - for instance, which kind of infrastructure do they have? Which kind of resources is needed, and what are the security considerations? Since the network is the very first start of the architecture, it has to be built before anything else is set up.
  3. Be a forward thinker -  if you think a bit forward before you start the project, it will save you for a lot of complicated issues later on. It is good to select the right sized IP-range, as it can be a bit complicated to expand it later. 

Watch the video to see how the virtual network is set up, where you have your subnets, routing tables, internet gateways, security lists and NAT Gateways. 

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