The Journey to Oracle Cloud: Episode 04 - Business case and return on investment in Oracle Cloud

We have reached our fourth stop on the The Journey to Oracle Cloud. In this episode, Rafael is meeting Christian Skytt and Lucas Almqvist to talk about how to evaluate the business case and return on investment when you are considering a move to Oracle Cloud. 

Who is Christian and Lucas?

Christian and Lucas are two of our Oracle Cloud experts. When it comes to understanding various mission-critical systems, and how they function in cloud versus on-prem environments, you should have a talk with these two technological superheroes. Every day, Christian and Lucas guides and supports our customers on their journey to Oracle cloud, ensuring that they select the optimal solution for their business.

SYSCO secures our customers a solid solution in Oracle Cloud

Before SYSCO migrates our customer’s infrastructure to Oracle Cloud, we will create and present the business case for our customers. 

A cloud-based solution won't be recommended unless we can see that it leads to a cost reduction and a simplification of our customer's IT operations. However, we often see some common denominators that often makes a strong argument for a cloud migration project:

Why is Oracle Cloud often a good business case and how do you calculate the ROI?

There are three main reasons:

  1. The cost is transparent, so it is easy to measure the ROI in the cloud. 
  2. Overall improvement of the IT operations. You get the same level of support in Oracle Cloud as on-prem, but don't need to invest in hardware or infrastructure.  
  3. Much easier to spin up new services and test them in the cloud. In today's business environment most companies want to be more agile. In a cloud environment, you are only paying for what you are actually using. 

How do you benefit from the current cost models in Oracle Cloud?  

There are three models to select between: 

  1. PAYG – Pay as you go model: The customers are paying for the amount they actually use and get a monthly bill.
  2. BYOL – Bring your own license model: The customers can reuse their already existing support stream and move that to the cloud. Thereby you can get a high discount for PAYG by bringing your own licenses (on-prem) to the cloud.  
  3. AF - Annual Flex model with Universal Credits: The customers can get access and have the possibility to use all Oracle PaaS services under the same contract. 

Three things we do in SYSCO to secure a successful cloud migration:

  • Best practices – SYSCO secures ROI with accurate figures, depending on earlier customer lift & shift experience. 
  • Simplification – SYSCO takes care of all parallel dialogue and approvals.
  • Guidance – SYSCO provides guidance on how to optimize and maintain the overall transition cost from on-prem to the cloud and also on how to reuse your investment on-prem in the cloud in the best way.

Watch the video in the top of this article to learn more about how we work with the business case for cloud migrations and major cost considerations you need to be aware of.

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